• Personal Injury

    Have you or a loved one been injured or killed because of someone else's fault? We have litigated personal injury cases for over 30 years and have the highest rating for legal ability and ethical standards. Contact us now and click here to learn more about our successful personal injury practice.

  • Wrongful Death

    Wrongful death is when a person or company causes the tragic death of a loved one. Our attorneys can help if you have lost someone. Money can never replace what was lost, but it may provide security and help prevent future tragedies caused by dangerous companies and individuals. We have offices in Joplin, St. Louis, and Carthage and can handle cases anywhere, anytime: Springfield, Kansas City, Columbia, Jefferson City, Rolla, etc. Contact us now and click here to learn more about BWS's wrongful death practice.

  • Medical Malpractice

    We pride ourselves on being strong and successful patient advocates for those who have been injured or killed because of medical error. The prestigious Journal of Patient Safety recently reported that as many as 440,000 people die every year from unnecessary medical mistakes. Although many doctors try their best, they are like everyone else and sometimes make mistakes. When mistakes happen, let BWS's expert patient advocates help you. Contact us now and click here to learn more about our substantial medical malpractice experience.

  • Automobile & Trucking Accidents

    Roadway crashes seriously injure and kill victims every day. If you or a love one has been involved in a car or truck accident, contact the lawyers at BWS today! We have 30+ years of experience to help you get the best result possible.

    Automobile &
    Trucking Accidents
  • Work Place Injuries

    Have you been hurt on the job? If so, you are at the right place because we can help. We are one of the leading workers' compensation law firms in the area. We have seen virtually every type of injury there is in our 30+ years of representing hurt workers. Plus, we have the highest rating for legal ability and ethical standards. We know the law and will work hard to ensure you get the best results possible. Contact us now and click here for more information about work place injuries.

    Work Place
  • Family Law & Divorce

    When you need assistance in the area of family law and divorce, the first thing you should do is call BWS because we can help. We have over 30 years of experience. Our trial attorneys have fought for our clients in almost every courthouse in front of every judge in Southwest Missouri. Contact BWS now and click here to learn more about our law firm's family law and divorce practice area.

    Family Law
    & Divorce
  • Criminal Law

    BWS has a strong and well-deserved reputation of fighting for the rights of our criminal law clients. We have attorneys who are former prosecutors that understand the system and know what needs to be done to make sure our client's rights are protected. We have handled all types of criminal law cases and we can help you. Contact us now and click here to learn more about BWS's criminal law practice.


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Loyalty to our clients and outstanding customer service is the backbone of BWS's practice. For 30+ years now, BWS has dedicated itself to assisting our clients in every way we can, however big or small the issue may be. BWS has the dedication to its clients, the experience, and the proven results to help you today!

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    30+ Years Fighting For Our Clients' Rights With Proven Results.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How is child support determined?


Under Missouri law, the “Form 14” and child support worksheet are used to calculate the presumed child support amount. The Form 14 and worksheet utilize an equation or formula to determine the...


What kind of injuries are covered?


The types of on the job injuries that are covered by Workers’ Compensation are very broad. First, the typical accident is usually covered. For example, if you slip and fall...

  • Large Wrongful Death Settlement

    6 days ago

    BWS recently got a large wrongful death settlement for their clients in a difficult situation.  Read more about it here.  

    Has a loved one been killed or seriously injured due to the negligence of somebody else?  If so, call BWS immediately so we can...

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  • Large Judgment for Interest on Missouri Workers’ Compensation Award

    4 weeks ago

    Our law firm got our Missouri workers' compensation client an Award worth nearly a million dollars.  Despite that, however, the Insurance Company and Employer refused to pay the interest our client was owed under the law.  BWS refused to back down and fought the Insurance Company and...

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  • $210,000 for Client Injured in Forklift Accident

    one month ago
    Our client was injured while waiting for cargo to be loaded on his trailer by forklift.  The driver of the forklift was careless and he drove the forklift into our client causing injuries.  The injury was painful, and the recovery long.  The client required surgery and a...

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  • BWS Celebrates Locally!

    2 months ago
    Administrative Professionals’ Day was April 22, 2015 and, here at BWS, we have the best administrative professionals around! Our staff provides outstanding support and customer service to our clients. To celebrate their hard work, the entire office went to lunch at a new pizza place named Midtown Pizza Kitchen that recently opened...

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  • Auto Accident Attorneys Ready to Help You!

    about 3 months ago
    Spring is here and summer is rapidly approaching.  Spring is a great time to enjoy a car drive with the windows down to soak up the sunshine and fresh air.  Summer vacations and extensive travel are right around the corner.  Buchanan, Williams & Stilley wishes everyone a...

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  • Three Die in Kansas After Eating Contaminated Blue Bell Ice Cream

    3 months ago
    Three people in Kansas have died after eating contaminated Blue Bell Creameries brand ice cream products.  The ice cream was contaminated with a bacteria called Listeriamonocytogenes.  A total of five people were infected with life-threatening listeriosis, which is caused by exposure to the bacteria.  Four of...

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